Engaged and Blessed

I made it, you made it, we made it to Friday!

It is not just any Friday; it is National Coffee Day! This is just an excuse for me to drink more coffee than the recommended to be quite honest😊

So, I told you guys that I will share deets of the sweetest day of my life, my engagement this past Sunday. I can officially say  I am engaged to my favorite guy ever! I am SO blessed and beyond grateful for him. He is an amazing man, drives me nuts from time to time, but I can manage haha. God went above and beyond to give me a man like him. So, understanding, strong, hardworking and fun to be around.

Let me give you a bit of a backstory on how we met and how the engagement went down!

How We Met
Sunny and I attended the same high school. I was a junior and he was a senior. We never actually spoke but knew of each other through mutual friends. I would hear from friends he thought I was pretty and wanted to talk to me but I always ignored it. I knew I didn’t want to take anyone serious. I was a junior in high school why would I!? Lol. My yearbook class was a class period after his. Sunny being Sunny, he would wait for me to arrive to class to wave and smile before he went on to his next class. I thought he was so strange for doing that! I would smile and kept it moving. He graduated and that was that. Bye Sunny!

Fast Forward
A few years after his high school graduation, Sunny requested to be Facebook friends. We would like each other’s post but nothing more than that. Years later, 2012 to be exact, we started playing a game called SongPop on our phones. Facebook allows you to play games and connect with your Facebook friends to play with one another. We began playing the game and he quickly realized that I was a challenging opponent. Duh, it’s me! 😉 He proceeded to message me to tell me he couldn’t stand the idea of losing to me so we were gonna kick it up a notch. Days later, he asked for my number. I DO NOT give my number away easily. I didn’t have time to play with guys; I had been in a long relationship before so guarding my heart was top priority. I gave it to him anyways because… well I don’t know. I just know, he made me feel so comfortable.
September came by that same year, 2012. We had been texting each other back and forth for weeks so naturally we wanted to hang out. Sunny lived in San Antonio at the time. He took an internship and had to move from Houston to San Antonio while he was in college in 2010. He waited for his week vacation to come down to Houston to see his family and hang out. That week, we hung out at Starbucks, went out for frozen yogurt, had dinner at Cheesecake Factory, I made him try tapioca drinks for the first time, walked at the park and he met my family! YES, he met my family the same week we met to hang out. I don’t know why, I just know he made me feel so comfortable.

Girlfriend/Boyfriend Status
He asked me to be his girlfriend on January 3, 2013. I, of course said yes. Everything was happening so fast but I didn’t mind one bit. Our conversations were always so interesting, fun, and effortless. I loved that I could carry an intellectual conversation with him. I loved that he was totally okay with how much I overpowered the conversations. I am a talker, it’s very weird if you have awkward silent moments with me because I naturally don’t allow for those moments to happen. I loved how he embraced my culture, from the food, to the slang we speak in El Salvador.
We have grown so much as individuals making our relationship that much stronger and healthy. We have decided to put God in the center of our lives for as long as we are alive. We have decided to live a life that honors God and our families. We have always been on the same page, if we haven’t been, we communicate. We make sure to see where we are coming from, so we can meet halfway. It hasn’t been easy. We were both raised a bit different. I have always been able to express myself in a very direct way; he was quieter and avoided certain situations because he doesn’t like confrontation. His way isn’t bad and mine isn’t either… we just had to meet halfway. Don’t try to change your partner, work out your differences. Your partner will meet you halfway organically. Time changes a person, growth changes a person, not you. I know Sunny has made me a better person by seeing his actions, his growth. That has inspired me to change certain things and has inspired me to also stay true to the person he met. I am just Jessica 2.0 now. Just another version not another person 😊

The Engagement
Remember I told you guys that Sunny and I hung out for the first time back in September 2012. 5 years later, the same week we met, Sunny proposed to me in front of my family. He got on one knee and asked me to be his life partner. What an honor. I am honored to be his future wife and share my fur babies with him. 😊
On September 24, I woke up to get ready for church and later had lunch with my mom, sister and Sunny. Nothing out of the ordinary. We always have lunch after church, so I didn’t have an idea the things that were going on. My 3 sisters were texting each other back on forth leading to the day of. So much went on behind my back that I had no clue about. I was enjoying my pupusas, tamal de elote and horchata, Salvadorian dish 😊 that was happiness at its best for me at that moment haha.
A few days before Sunny text me to ask me if I was down for a helicopter ride. Sunny works for a baseball team in the sales department. He told me his job offered them a complimentary free helicopter ride to close out their baseball season so I didn’t think anything of it. He always gets vouchers for restaurants and different businesses. I fell for it ugh. He went the extra mile to fool me by having the helicopter company make a certificate. Sunny even when to the lengths of creating fake email to throw me completely off. I ask questions so he had to cover his tracks. Crazy thing, Cynthia, said months, weeks and days leading up to Sunday were challenging because of my excessive questioning. I am annoying to them now! Haha!
Sunny HATES heights. He chose a helicopter ride guys, I know he loves me without a doubt! The ride was amazing, got to see the Houston skyline. My city has gone through so much since Hurricane Harvey so I appreciated that view even more. We will re-build, without a doubt.
When we landed, the doors opened to a BEAUTIFUL surprise. A table had been set up by my family, with balloons, pictures of Sunny and I through the years, big diamond rings for decoration, a cake, roses and a huge banner. The love was so real; I cried like a baby. Once I said, YES, my family came out! That was all I needed to do the ugly face cry! Kim Kardashian has nothing on my ugly cry face.

Thank You
Cynthia, sister, thank you for the multiple trips you made with Sunny to help choose the ring, to even trying on the ring, and giving your input to give me an amazing proposal moment. Thank you for all the other errands you ran to make Sunday so special. You are such a creative individual, selfless and so caring. It wouldn’t be possible without you. I love you!
Erika, sister, thank you for going with Sunny to see the ring and offer your input. For putting Sunny in  fast mode to get things done.. better said For scaring him to get things done or that would be his butt, to be honest haha Thank you for all the errands you ran. You are the BEST! I love
Sylvia, sister-in-law but already sister, thank you for helping with the ring as well. For helping your brother in making this moment unforgettable. Thank you for being you, for making sure things got done. Thank you for fighting for us to get a cake and showing out to fix the issue! (Sylvia went through a lot to bring us the cake y’all) haha!
Mom, thank you for accepting Sunny as your own son. For loving him, for giving him advice, for making sure I had a great moment. Thank you for raising me the way you did because of you, I know I will make a great wife. You are my biggest role model.
Sunny, thank you for loving me, accepting me, for choosing me to share life with. I can’t wait to say I do. You are amazing Okpon! I am looking forward to forever with

See the sneak peek images the photographer snapped of us.
Help me create a hashtag for our wedding guys!

13 thoughts on “Engaged and Blessed

  1. Hi Jessica , many congratulations to you both on your engagement!! God has blessed you with a great partner to share your life with. It seems Sunny always wanted to chat to you but maybe was a little shy! It is great that he wanted to meet you even though he lived in San Antonio, so it was sweet you got to go out to eat and he got to meet your family. You just know when you are comfortable with someone don’t you? That was a special feeling I am sure when he asked you to be his Girlfriend! Meeting halfway is what is needed in a relationship. and putting God at the center is so glorifying. I can imagine how hard it was for your 3 sisters to keep things from you! They had a long time to keep it from you. What a beautiful surprise for you after the helicopter trip. It is good you cried like a baby , such great emotion to release , a realization that Sunny wanted you forever! It is great to have such loving family members to get help you both get to this stage. I love the photos and your cute outfit ! I will try and think of a hashtag, Hugss Jessica, from Terri xo.


  2. Enjoyed reading this!! I’m so happy for you Jessica!! You deserved this beautiful moment. May God always be the center of you and Sunny! Can’t wait to see you in a wedding dress! 😘😘


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