Coffee Talk: You are Enough

Happy Thursday beautiful people!

I am always amazed on how fast a year goes by. We are a 1 day away from Fall, my favorite season EVER! I love everything Fall, the colors, the outfits, the pumpkin spice lattes and the leaves. In Houston, we don’t go through all the seasons but just knowing its chilly enough to pull out my OTK boots, my jackets, and my oxblood lipstick is good enough for me. Which season is your favorite one?

Today’s blog post will be a bit different and I hope this helps someone. I started this journey of blogging to truly inspire young women and men to be just who they are. To fight for what is worth and to let go of what is not. It is deeper than material things. I wanted and want to connect with people from all walks of life. It is what brings me joy.

The last time I posted on here was almost two months ago and to be quite honest I have been beating myself up for it. I know consistency is key to succeeding in anything we do and yet I chose to be inconsistent. But, I have two sisters that check me each chance they get to get me back on track. I expressed to them I felt uninspired, not confident and quite frankly not pretty enough, lately. You know what my sisters said? Write about it and get over it! Sounds harsh huh? I realized then that I was allowing my emotions to dictate my life at that moment. I was allowing those feelings to get the best of me. I was doing myself a disservice by dimming the light within me. We all have a purpose in this life. We all have goals and plans that can become a reality once we determine that even through the downs we won’t be defeated. Think about all your heroes, all those people you look up to. They all have a story, one that shaped them to be who they are now. Most of them had to create their own success stories.

Look at:

 Oprah Winfrey, she wore potato sacks growing up because her family was too poor to buy her actual clothes. She endured sexual and physical abuse growing up. Her story starts horrible but her story changes to a beautiful one. Oprah became the first black woman news anchor before the age of 20. In 2015, Forbes estimated her net worth at $3 billion and the only black woman on the list of 400 richest people in America!! Oprah could have allowed her present life to affect her future but she didn’t. She rose above it all to change her life and in return save so many more lives through her story.
This could be you!

Stephen King, his first book was rejected 30 times. He eventually threw the book in the trashcan but his wife picked the manuscript back up and continued to motivate him to not quit. King is now a widely known author publishing over 50 books!
You need, people to motivate you, you need a group of warriors to pray and push you to your limits.
This too, could be you!

There are so many successful stories, but the beauty is in how they turned their lives, how they never gave up, how they fought through the rejections, the negative thoughts that creeped in, the fear and the tears.

Every day is a step closer to your dream. What are you doing today to achieve that dream? I have many, many goals that I want to achieve. I have many, many ideas I want to execute but my ideas mean nothing if I don’t act on them. I must ignore the noise, the distractions and the negative people to accomplish them though. ­ Surround yourself with a group of people that believe in you, in your abilities. I surround myself with honest women, with women of integrity that can be straight forward with me, that don’t sugar coat things for me. I much rather have the truth as much as it may hurt, than live in denial or in false illusions. I want a group of ladies that inspire me, that motivate me and check me occasionally. 😊 Nothing wrong with constructive criticism.

If  you have a plan over your life, make it happen. No one said the road would be easy, you may lose a few friends along the way, shoot, you may even lose your man but you have to rid yourself of them to have your hands empty to receive new blessings. How can you receive your blessing if you are too busy holding on to your curse?

Moral of the Story:

It is okay to feel sad, uninspired, unmotivated but the issue lies on how long you stay in that state of mind. Shake it off as soon as you notice yourself falling to those feelings, turn the negative to a positive. The storm won’t last forever, the rainbow will always shine at the end. Your dreams are not just dreams when you put action behind them, those dreams turn into goals and later a reality.

Be yourself, love yourself, feed your mind, body and soul daily. Live with intentions, with a purpose.


Jessica Josephine

9 thoughts on “Coffee Talk: You are Enough

  1. Wow, totally loved this blog post. Felt like it was just for me… I truly needed this right now ❤
    Thanks lady keep shining that bright light of yours.


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