Open Letter to My Future Husband

Happy Monday!

First of all, I would like to start by saying that I know it has been awhile since I posted on here and for that I am truly sorry! My professional life has been so hectic, but I am grateful for work. There has been changes at work, I have taken a freelance social media/marketing job for a new restaurant which takes more of my time. Another stream of income so I am here for it!! God is good!
My personal life is as hectic, with the wedding planning taking over all my weekends! I know I can do better and I will, I promise.
The wedding is in a few days and I cannot believe that the year of planning is ending. There are some details I need to tackle this week, pray for me! Lol. It hasn’t hit me all the way that I am getting married. I have been so deep into planning it that I feel as though it is also a job. Sounds bad but seriously planning a wedding is not for the weak haha

For Him

Happy One Year Engagement Anniversary Mfon Sunny Okpon! A year ago, today you proposed and of course I said “YES”. It has to be the best decision I have made thus far. To say “YES” to you was saying “YES” to the plans God had set for me since before birth. Saying “YES” to you was saying “YES” to creating a new, fun, exciting, adventurous life with you. I don’t know what the future holds but I know who holds it. I also know I wouldn’t want to share my life with anyone else. You are the cheese to my pizza. 😉 With our engagement coming to a close, I realized our titles will change along with the way I honor you.
I cannot wait to say, “I do” in front of our family and friends. I cannot wait to say “I do” to forever with you for better or for worse. I am grateful for your life, grateful you were placed to in my life. I honestly, knew from the moment we first met on our first date that I wanted you to be in my life forever didn’t know how but I just knew I did. I know God was working this out! God really showed OUT! I am 100% sure God was the mastermind behind our love story. I am going to be your WIFE! *I am going to be somebody’s wife y’all? Ain’t that something? Haha.* I am thrilled to be your wife, I am thrilled to see what traditions we create, what memories we create, where we will travel, where life takes our careers, where God takes US!
Honoring you will be my priority, honoring God first along with honoring my vows to you. I promise to love you, to care for you, to respect you and to bring you closer to God daily. Being a wife will be one of my most valued roles moving forward. I know I may fail in certain areas I know I am not perfect but the one we praise is, so my goal is to love you as close as God loves you. You are truly in for a treat because I am going to be a FUN wife Sunny. You won’t regret your decision of making me Mrs. Okpon 😊
I Love You!

If you are reading this, please keep our future marriage in your prayers, thank you for loving us, for showering us with love through our journey to marriage.  I am 100% sure Sunny and I wouldn’t be able to take this step without the constant love and support from our family and friends. Seriously, this entire process to marriage has been a blessing. I have been loved so much by certain people, an overwhelming, selfless love that has left me in tears or smiling ear to ear.

Stay tuned for my next post next week; thank you for your patience!

4 thoughts on “Open Letter to My Future Husband

  1. Gurrrl your blogs are so fun to read!!!! You make me chuckle lol
    Almost there!!!! Love your letter to Sunny so sweet and fun. Ya better celebrate a lifetime because finding your other half is like winning the lottery!!!!!


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