Have Fun.. Mix Patterns!

Happy Monday!
It is a new day, a new opportunity to grow, to learn and to be great! I will be honest, I do not like Mondays but as I get older I realize that Monday sets the tone for the week. Growing up mom would tell me, “your tongue and your thoughts have power, speak blessings over your life”. I am nowhere near where I want to be but I am working through it, from Monday to Monday! I am speaking LIFE into my dreams!
What will you confess over your Monday, over your week, over your life!? YOU got this!

So, I went to Zara a few weeks ago and fell in love with this plaid and floral dress as soon as my sister showed it to me. I purchased it when I found out the dress had pockets! Who else loves dresses with pockets? The dress is the perfect summer to fall transitional dress. I find people are afraid to break the mold on what we should wear when the season changes. Wear what you want dear! This dress is the perfect green and black print to transition you to the Fall and the colorful embroidery to squeeze in a bit of the Summer. Living in Houston, I feel like it’s still Summer anyways! Welp!

As I said before, break the mold, have fun with your wardrobe. I grabbed this Kate Spade leopard bag to go with this outfit because… well why not! I love how both prints complemented each other perfectly. It gave the outfit an edgier look I was aiming for.
Fashion should be fun, exciting and showcase YOU. You wear the clothes, the clothes doesn’t wear you. Meaning, that you should be confident, be bold, or be conservative, whatever you love, wear it!
I paired this dress with both heels and flats to give you options. I love heels but flats can also be flattering with this dress 😊

Go on and BE GREAT today!
Zara Dress
Similar Kate Spade Handbag
Steve Madden Booties are sold out. Similar Open Toed Booties
H&M Bow Sandals
Quay Australia – QuayXDesi Fade Shades

Jessica Rodriguez

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