Travel Diary: Chicago & Joliet

Hi guys! We meet again, happy Friday!
I have a very busy weekend but today I am really adulting… eek! I will announce what it is later… any guesses!?

I had the opportunity to fly out to Illinois, Joliet and Chicago this past weekend. I really did not want to come back because I had SO much fun. My sister flew out to Illinois for a business trip, 2 weeks to be exact and we were missing her at home. What did we do? We fixed the issue by booking a flight out to see her haha. A family that sticks together stays together right?! I have been stressing and just worried about a few things so this trip was so refreshing for me. I realized as I was booking the flight that this was my first ever domestic flight with mom. I have flown to El Salvador with mom, the motherland, but never a domestic flight. It was an interesting experience but it wouldn’t have been the same without my twin mama!

I have always wanted to visit Chicago so this was the perfect trip to not miss. It was short but much needed. Chicago has so many things to do so I will need to make my way up there soon. The first thing we ate the first night was (you guessed it) a Chicago-style deep dish pizza from Lou Malnatis. Eating pizza the first night may have been my idea because you should know, pizza is my favorite food ever, along with French fries! Many people recommended us to try this place out and it did NOT disappoint. As we walked out the restaurant we noticed the waiting line was beginning to wrap around the entire street! It was still bright out so we decided to walk a bit around downtown Chicago. That bit became 5 miles y’all! Our feet were hurting so bad! haha! We did get to see The Bean. That’s all mom wanted.. what mom wants she gets.
I went for the Willis Tower and the experience was amazing. The view from the 103rd floor, yes, you read right, 103rd floor was breathtaking. It was a bit intimidating for sure but seeing the city from that altitude was everything!

Check out some of the pics we took of the city and of course a few of ourselves 😉

My mama and my cousin/sistaaaa all  smiles before the 5 mile walk haha

Lou Malnati’s is in Downtown Chicago, famous for their deep dish pizza. I wish I would have taken a photo of the whole pizza to show you before the waitress served us an slice each but we were STARVING. We also ordered their fried calamari not pictured at all because we ate it all… oops! The wait could be long but they can take your order before you get a table, while you wait your order is being prepared!


After that big meal, we walked the pizza out. We decided to walk down to the Millennium Park to sightsee some more. Before the adventure began we had to take some photos of each other. Downtown Chicago was beautiful!

IMG_1747IMG_1748IMG_1755 (2)IMG_1762IMG_1764IMG_1770
“The Bean” was the highlight of mom’s night. Seeing her smile and enjoy this trip meant so much to me.
IMG_6221IMG_1791 (2)IMG_1789IMG_1784IMG_1780
Erika and I got to check out the Willis Tower! It was a great experience! The view was phenomenal!

Took this picture on my Snapchat.. add me: jessicajrod


This trip couldn’t have been as fun without my queen and my two princesses. I am truly blessed to have a beautiful family. I learned on this trip to savor each moment, to take advantage of the time we do have with our loved ones. Travel, laugh, eat, enjoy your life with those who matter! ♥ Life is short, things happen but always make it a point to get out and explore the beautiful world you live in.

What city should I go to next? What should I do when I get back to Chicago? Leave your suggestions in the comment section ♥

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Jessica Josephine

7 thoughts on “Travel Diary: Chicago & Joliet

  1. Hi Jessica, Aww its great you had a blast in Chicago! You were so impulsive to book a flight to join your Sister. It is great you are such a close family. You got to eat Pizza when you go there, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I can imagine your feet were sore after 5 miles!You are very brave to go up to the 103rd floor and walk on glass! I don’t know if I could! I LOVE all the pics of you Ladies , very cute outfits, Love the ruffle top on you, and tell your Mom she looks beautiful in her red dress! You will look back on this trip in years to come with fondness and great memories. I know you need to go to navy pier if in town, Pick up a tourist booklet on hidden gems of the city, I’m sure they must have one. You need to go to New York next ! I am biased having lived there for 8 years. Thank you for sharing Jessica, hugs, Terri xoxo.


    1. Thank you Terri!! You are awesome girl! I love New York! I can go there every year and never get tired of it. You will have my mom blushing when I tell her your compliment haha! Are you still in NY?


  2. It was lots of fun! That’s for coming to see you for the weekend but next time bring my cat with you because I missed her the most lol ! 😘


  3. Yall took some great pictures it sure looks beautiful. We being contemplating the idea of visting Colorado springs before kids go back to school. Chicago looks awesome though!!! Glad your mom went and enjoyed some time off with her girls!!! ❤️😘


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