Birthday Edition: 29 Random Facts

Hi ladies and gents! I hope you all are having a great day 😊
Today, Tuesday, June 13 I am 29 years old! I have officially entered the last year in my 20s. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for this life. The ups and the downs have made me the person I am today.
In honor of my 29th birthday I decided to give you 29 random facts about me. I hope I am still cool in your book after reading them all. Haha. If I ever was cool right?
My sister shot this fun photo sesh and did my makeup! She truly was the real MVP, the sun was no joke! Thank you sis!!
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Now without further ado…
29 Random Facts About Me

1.       I love watching any show on the Food Network Channel.
2.       My first major in college was criminal justice. I wanted to be a lawyer or a forensic psychologist.
3.       I have always contemplated becoming a vegetarian or pescestarian.
4.       I disliked my natural curly hair growing up, now I love changing my looks up.
5.       I LOVE Jennifer Lopez, her style, her dance moves, all her movies and her body #goals
6.       I have one sister and adopted my cousin as a sister growing up. So, if you ask I have 2 sisters.
7.       I could eat fries and pizza everyday.
8.       I am addicted to coffee.
9.       I took piano lessons growing up and forgot everything.
10.   I am always on 10 and I barely take naps. I am the girl you want around when you are down lol
11.   On Season 1 of American Idol, I called their voting line back to back to vote for Kelly Clarkson (I believed in you girl 😉)
12.   I wanted to go to cosmetology school in my teens.
13.   Growing up I thought I would be married at 25… boy was I wrong.
14.   I have never broken a bone in my body.
15.   I love all kind of music, it depends on my mood.
16.   I am a BIG cry baby, a true emo! haha.
17.   I want to write a book one day.
18.   I love to support women businesses.
19.   My dad used to call me jello legs bc I always tripped and/or fell down.
20.   I don’t like scary movies because I can’t help but think everything is real.
21.   I love to bike ride especially around Downtown Houston.
22.   I love sports, never played a sport in school but I love attending sporting events.
23.   I am going to Haiti this year!
24.   I am not a big seafood lover but I could eat salmon like someone can eat chicken.
25 . I want to have abs, a six pack but fries are the death of me!
26.   I am very selective on who I let in my inner circle.
27.   I love to have deep conversations with people.
28.   I love very hard which at times has come back to bite me.
29.   I am so excited for this year, more than any other year… I see great things coming my way.

These random facts were harder than I thought! I had to go deep into memory lane. I am beyond blessed to live to see my 29th birthday. Beyond blessed to be healthy and surrounded by people who truly love me and accept all my quirks. 😊

Stay tuned for the new birthday edition post.


3 thoughts on “Birthday Edition: 29 Random Facts

  1. Those were fun to read!!! Contemplated to become a vegeterian made me laugh 😂 contemplated it myself then i remember i eont be able to eat steak and i say forget it! Happy Birthday beautiful love you to the moon and back , como dice mi Dieguito. I dont doubt one day youll write a book i believe in you.


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