Let’s Get Movin’

Hello and Happy Friday!

Summer is around the corner! I have body goals but to be honest with you, I am not where I wanted to be for Summer ‘17. Surprisingly, I am okay with that. I am okay with the progress I have made. I choose to see the good in my progress. I probably could have stuck more to the plan too but I can always get back on track. This post is intended to serve as a reminder that you can always get back on track. Don’t lose focus, don’t lose the reason why you started this fitness journey.  You got this!

Guys, you are perfect just the way you are now. Losing weight or simply toning shouldn’t determine your value. Embrace YOU through the entire process. Don’t embark in this fitness journey for the wrong reasons. Don’t do it to please others, to be loved, to make that other person stay. Embark this fitness journey, to find the warrior within you, do it for you. Do it for the right reasons. The journey won’t be easy so your heart and mind must be in a good place to reach your ultimate goal.

Back in 2011, I realized I had gained more than a few pounds my freshman year in college. I was shocked to see myself wearing a size I had never worn before. I decided to get in the gym and lose that weight. I didn’t lose the weight right away, it took a full year of dedication, hard work and heart. This was about me. I lost the weight and I was so proud of myself. I did it with no trainer, I watched YouTube videos to learn new exercise routines and decided to go twice a day at times. There was no excuse for me and nothing was going to get in my way. You can start at home, there is no need for the gym. You can start today, at your pace. Don’t feel pressure to do it at someone else’s pace.

I am not perfect, I gained a few pounds back since then. They just creeped up like nothing! My metabolism isn’t the way it once was in high school! Bummer! My weight fluctuates but I know where I need to be to be at a healthy weight for my height. More than anything, I have learned to listen to my body, what works for me and what doesn’t. This time around, I am making it fun and a making this my lifestyle. There is a balance now. Find your balance.

I have learned that I am stronger than I think I am. I see my trainer once a week and every time we meet she pushes me. She adds more weight, more reps and I surprise myself how much I can lift and how much I can resist. You are a warrior, you are strong, one day at a time though. The great thing about the sessions is that some of these sessions I can do them in the comfort of my own home and so can you.  I am so happy to share one with you today 😊

HITT, high intensity interval training, workouts are good for those with a busy schedule that can only squeeze in 30 or as little as 15 minutes, for both men and women. HIIT workouts are so effective which are great for those who want to see quick results. These workouts make you burn more fat than running on the treadmill. You build stamina, resistance, endurance and a healthier heart. Every time, I do this I am drenched in sweat or is it glitter? 😉 The best part, no equipment is necessary. HIIT workouts consist of short, quick and intense bursts of exercises, that keep your heart rate up while burning fat and keeping your muscles!

Are you ready??!
The following exercises will be done back to back, the purpose is not to stop!
1.  Don’t forget to warm-up
If you are advanced, add weights
2.  Run in place as fast as you can for 1 minute or 30 seconds, try not to stop. You can do it!
3.  Grab a step or a sturdy stool and jump up with both feet coming down in a squat positon for 1 minute or 30 seconds
Take a 10 second breather or a water break at this point, believe me I would take advantage of it lol
4.  10 sit-ups, start with your back flat on the floor and legs straight out
5.  10 jump squats, no step or stool needed for these
6.  Repeat all 4 exercises again, as many reps as you can take

Eventually, as you progress you will find that you will need to increase your reps which is the goal! You should be out of breath if you did it right! This workout will burn calories for the next 24 hours!

Side Note: It would be a great idea if you kept a fitness journal to chronicle your progress. It will serve to keep you inspired, motivated, accountable and organized.

IMG_0924IMG_0929 (3)IMG_0933 (2)IMG_0943 (2)IMG_0957 (2)

You got this, mind over matter! Remember one day at a time, one goal at a time. Let me know if you do this workout. I would love to hear from you and join you in your fitness journey! Have your friends or siblings join you, or even your significant other. The family that exercises together, stays together right!? 😉

Next week, I will post a quick spinach salad recipe I love making when I am in a rush. The salad is fast to make and yummy 😊 Stay tuned.


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