Texas Sweetheart


It’s been awhile since I posted and I have missed you guys so much! To be quite honest, I have felt a bit uninspired. I want to produce quality content for you and I haven’t felt as though I’ve had good enough content. I have so many ideas for this blog. I want to INSPIRE you more than anything. Every life has its ups and its down; so I believe I should share these things too. It is normal. I know we all have felt uninspired at one point of our lives but remember that YOU are the one that controls that moment, shake it OFF *cues Taylor Swifts song, “Shake it Off”*. Remember you are more than that moment. I am working on planning ahead of time, creating a content calendar so I don’t have to feel uninspired or fall behind. I am setting myself up for success! This blog means SO much to me. I think about this site, daily, constantly, and I refuse to fail. My heart, my mind, my present is FULLY invested. I am ready to bring you content on a weekly basis. This blog is more than just fashion. I want to be open with you all and be relatable. I have so many ideas and I am SO ready!

This past weekend, I went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Only the biggest and best rodeo EVER! I am a big country music fan, I am big on cowgirl boots and the festivities that the Rodeo brings. The Houston Rodeo lasts about a month and brings many country artists to the NRG Stadium, home of the Houston Texans! 😊 This year I only attended Zac Brown Band’s show; the show they put on was better than the last one I attended. The lead singer’s smile, Zac, is so GORGEOUS ladies! 😉 Check him out here. Dreamy huh?! Well enough of that handsome man!

On Saturday, I went to the carnival, with all the rides and the yummy FRIED food! The Rodeo, brings many vendors with crazy foods to try. Have you heard of a Kool-Aid pickle, fried Nutella, fried Oreos?! Well, you name it they have it. I am telling you, they can fried anything and everything!

I took a few pictures of the food I tried and the concert I attended on Sunday! See below.

On Saturday I was able to see and hang out a bit with Sunny’s cousins, they are a crazy fun bunch!
Remember I told you about the fried food at the Rodeo? I ate the fried pickles, fried Oreos and tried a bit of the fried Nutella. Surprisingly, I wasn’t a big fan of the fried Nutella and I love Nutella. I could not leave without eating the fried Oreos, they are SO good!
I find the homemade lemonade stand the cutest, just look at it… Warning, the lemonade is very sweet but you are at the Houston Rodeo Carnival amongst all other fried things so the calorie counting is out the door as soon as you walk in people! What diet?!
I convinced Sunny last year to purchase his first pair of boots and he looks so handsome in them!
We are both competitive so playing games at the carnival got so real. In a span of 15 minutes we spent $40 trying to win a stuffed animal. We lost to a 5 year old girl!!
Sunday was the last day of the Houston Rodeo and Zac Brown Band closed it out so AMAZINGLY. The Livestock Show is on before the concert, the calf scramble, the horse and bull races are fun to watch.
Like every year, I enjoyed the Houston Rodeo and look forward to the next one! What artist should they bring next?! Rascal Flatts would be a good one!

P.S. Some pictures are blurry, I was ready for a good time that I forgot my camera. Boo! IMG_4513
Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo thank you for a great time, till next time… Kisses!

Jessica Josephine

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