Embrace Who You Are

The beauty section of my blog will of course be dedicated to skincare, makeup and hair!

I am going through a natural phase. I am wearing less makeup during the workweek and I wear my natural wavy/curly hair as of last month consistently. I need to stay away from heat and products that are killing my curls. I think you ladies with curly hair will totally understand me! I have dyed my hair blonde, light brown, black, red and everything in between, so my hair needs some TLC pronto! I hope with some extra love and care my hair will begin to remember its natural curl pattern. If you have been thinking of going more natural then LET’S do it TOGETHER! I need support; I haven’t been tempted to get a hold of the straightening iron! #majorkey

This is more than just hair and skincare, this is about embracing who I am. Growing up, I wanted to have straight hair, that hair I could run my fingers through but instead I had hair I had to learn to tame. It was so big and frizzy! This is about loving myself before the makeup, before the hairstyles. It is amazing to be a woman, we can change our looks as many times as possible but it is even more beautiful when you find beauty under all of that as well.

Let that inner beauty shine on the outside as well.

In Drake’s voice: “Chillin’ with no make up on that’s when you’re the prettiest…”

Let’s get this journey started ladies! YAY!

5 thoughts on “Embrace Who You Are

  1. Jessica, I am SO proud of you! This is absolutely amazing and inspiring. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. I know that you will CONTINUE to do great things in life. I’ve watched you blossom over the years and I wish you nothing less than more abundant blessings from God. You R O C K!


  2. lovely post, a very interesting blog, I too am struggling with my natural hair and have begun a new journey and kinda contemplating a big chop but i’m kinda not ready for that as it’s still winter, however i will be doing a blogpost on my hair journey soon on my skincare blog which is dedicated to oily and sensitive skin if you’ll like to check it out at https://oilysen.wordpress.com/ that’ll be great!


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